November Esbat Information

November is a time that is betwixt and between as we move further into the dark of the year. After confronting our own mortality at Samhain, November is a time to turn inward and examine the truths (and falsehoods) in our lives to enable us to move forward and grow.

Moon of Descent
Use this moon for a shamanic journey. Allow yourself to descend and discover the well of potential within. A journey inward brings us deeper inside ourselves and deeper into the flow of the other realms. When you reach out with your energy you touch more than you can see.
Other names for this moon: Snow Moon, Mourning Moon, Frosty Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
November 1 – 24: Reed
Associated with health/healing, overindulgence and wounds.

November 25 – 30: Elder
Associated with purification, divination, problem solving; this is the tree of life and death and prophecy.

Other Information
November is the month of transformation. It is time to prepare for the coming winter and a time to strengthen communication with the god or goddess closest to you. The energy flow is taking root and preparing to flow once more.

Herbs: Grains Of Paradise, Monkshood, Verbena, Betony, Borage, Cinquefoil, Blessed Thistle.
Colours: Grey, Sea-Green.
Flowers: Chrysanthemums & Cyclamen.
Perfumes: Cedar, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Peppermint & Lemon.
Crystals: Topaz & Lapis Lazuli.
Trees: Cypress.
Animals: Badger.
Birds: Sparrow.
Deities: Kali, Hecate, Bast, Osiris & Lakshmi.


1 – Reed, Walnut
All Saint’s Day
A day to fast and mourn the death of Balder

2 – Reed, Walnut
All Soul’s Day
Vodou feast of Ghede to honor the dead

3 – Reed, Walnut
A day to begin new projects – traditionally in Ireland cattle are herded to the lowlands for winter

4 – Reed, Walnut
Honor Underworld gods and goddesses
Mindfulness Day (Buddhist)

5 – Reed, Walnut
Gather the last acorns

6 – Reed, Walnut
If it has been a dry summer and warm damp autumn, look for a profusion of mushrooms and toadstools. If you’re lucky you will find a faerie ring.

7 – Reed, Walnut
Hecate celebrated

8 – Reed, Walnut
Morning frosts can leave the ground wet all day

9 – Reed, Walnut
Dark Moon
Honor Circe

10 – Reed, Walnut
Festival of Mannanan mac Lir

11 – Reed, Walnut
Date of Samhain by the old calendar – the realms are open
Lunantishee – the Sídhe are celebrated

12 – Reed, Chestnut
Cadwalader – honors the son of a 7th Century Welsh king who shunned battle for his love of peace

13 – Reed, Chestnut
Full Moon – Moon of Descent

14 – Reed, Chestnut
Druidic feast celebrating music and song
to the 20th Leonid meteor showers

15 – Reed, Chestnut
Feronia – feast celebrating Roman goddess Ferona

16 – Reed, Chestnut
Hecate Night

17 – Reed, Chestnut
Crystal sphere, the shape of Luna; deep your secrets lie within.
May I find the path to follow; for now t’is time to begin.

18 – Reed, Chestnut
Persian goddess Ardvi celebrated

19 – Reed, Chestnut
The nights grow long

20 – Reed, Chestnut
Prepare for your journey through the dark of the year

21 – Reed, Chestnut
Tammuz celebrated

22 – Reed, Ash
Sun enters Sagittarius

23 – Reed, Ash
Give thanks for spiritual abundance

24 – Reed, Ash
Runic half month of Nyd begins

25 – Ash, Elder
Celtic tree month of Elder begins

26 – Ash, Elder
Weather prophecy – “If there is ice in November that will bear a duck, there will be nothing after but sludge and muck.” (England)

27 – Ash, Elder
Honor Cailleach Beara

28 – Ash, Elder
Runic half month of Is begins

29 – Ash, Elder
Egyptian feast of Sekhmet

30 – Ash, Elder
A night for fortune telling and merriment (Poland)

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