May Esbat Information

It is no surprise that May is called the magical month. The world seems transformed into a beautiful garden awash in color as flowers and fruit trees bloom and fill the air with a potpourri of sweet perfume. Under the moonlight it is easy to feel the enchantment of the other realms. Open your heart and let your energy reach out.

Moon of the Faeries
May is a month of special magic when the unseen can be seen. It was on May Eve that the Tuatha de Danann (tribe of the Goddess Danu) arrived in Ireland. They later took refuge in the hollow hills and became known as the People of the Hills and the Sídhe. We’ve all heard of them—we know them as the faeries. They are masters of enchantment and in May their magic is strongest.
Other names for this moon: Flower Moon, Milk Moon, Merry Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
May 1 – 12: Willow
Associated with flexibility, the power of intuition and the inner voice; gaining balance, healing, death.

May 13 -31: Hawthorn
Associated with healing and balance, spiritual energies, protection, hope, pleasure, the faeries.

Other Information
Herbs: Angelica, Elder, Mint, Mugwort, Thyme & Yarrow.
Colours: Green, Brown & Pink.
Flowers: Lily Of The Valley, Foxglove, Rose & Red Valerian
Perfumes: Rose & Sandalwood.
Crystals: Emerald, Malachite, Amber & Carnelian.
Tree: Hawthorn.
Animal: Hare.
Bird: Swallow.
Deities: Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Maia, Diana, Artemis, Pan & Horned God.


1 – Willow, Apple/Crabapple, Ash, Birch, Elder, Fir, Gorse, Hawthorn, Hazel, Honeysuckle, Linden, Oak, Rowan, Vine/Bramble
Celebrate Athena and Venus

2 – Willow
Wells and springs adorned with flowers to honor Brigid, Danu and Dagda
Feast of Blodeuwedd and Llew

3 – Willow
Bona Dea – Roman women’s celebration of the goddess

4 – Willow
“Bawming” the Thorn – hawthorn trees were adorned with ribbons to symbolically receive a blessing from the Goddess (England)

5 – Willow
Beltane, May Day, Garland Day

6 – Willow
Mindfulness Day (Buddhist)

7 – Willow
Thargelia – Greek celebration of Apollo’s birthday and sister Diana’s birthday on the 6th

8 – Willow
Remember Robin Hood

9 – Willow
Place flowers on your altar

10 – Willow
Gwalchmai ap Gway (Gawain) was also called the “Hawk of May”

11 – Willow
11th to the 15th, noted as days of cold weather in Bavaria during which “ice saints” were appealed to for relief.

12 – Willow
Mustard seed flowers begin to turn the fields bright yellow

13 – Hawthorn
Celtic tree month of Hawthorn begins
Mother’s Day (USA)

14 – Hawthorn
Runic half month of Ing begins
Mothers Day (USA)

15 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Mercuralia – Roman god Mercury celebrated

16 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Dark Moon
St. Brendan honored in Ireland. He is said to have sailed to America in the 6th century.

17 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Bluebells carpet wooded glades

18 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Greek feast of Pan honors male fertility

19 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Full Moon – Moon of the Faeries

20 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Like morning glories, greet each day with freshness. Like moon flowers, find the power of Luna within.

21 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Sun enters Gemini

22 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
A time to make dandelion wine

23 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Release the ground below

24 – Hawthorn, Chestnut
Leave an offering of food for the Fair Folk

25 – Hawthorn, Ash
Ascenion Day (Christian)

26 – Hawthorn, Ash
Plant kitchen herbs

27 – Hawthorn, Ash
Honor Astarte, Banba and Zemyna

28 – Hawthorn, Ash
Call on Pomana to bless your garden

29 – Hawthorn, Ash, Oak
Runic half month of Odal begins

30 – Hawthorn, Ash
Chant as you tend your plants and you will be rewarded

31 – Hawthorn, Ash
Shapatu of Ishtar – modern Pagan festival
Feast of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven (Christian)

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