June Esbat Information

In June we enjoy the longest days of the year, especially before the Summer Solstice. Even though the sun begins to withdraw after the Solstice, the shortening of days is imperceptible and we enjoy long hours of light. This is a time to be active, to feel sensuous and to be aware of our bodies and the life-force energy that flows through us.

Moon of Life
Before the heat of high summer arrives, there is a brief period of time to enjoy the softness of this season. Tune into the rhythms of the natural world and take pleasure in your connection with it. Go outside and let the energy of the moonlight help you feel fully alive and aware. Enjoy the magic of gentle moonlight on soft summer nights.
Other names for this moon: Mead Moon, Dyad Moon, Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
June 1 – 9: Hawthorn
Associated with balancing energy; it is a symbol of the coming summer, and of hope and pleasure.

June 10 -30: Oak
Associated with cleansing, strength, self-confidence and optimism.

Other Information
Herbs: Skullcap, Catmint, Meadowsweet, Vervain, Tansy, Ladies Mantle & Witch Grass.
Colours: Orange & Golden-Green.
Flowers: Lavender & Yarrow.
Perfumes: Lily Of The Valley & Lavender.
Crystals: Topaz, Agate & Fluorite.
Tree: Oak.
Animal: Butterfly.
Bird: Peacock.
Deities: Isis, Neith, Green Man, Cerridwen & Ishtar.


1 – Hawthorn, Ash
Norse goddess Syn celebrated

2 – Hawthorn, Ash
Honor Gaia and all Earth Goddes

3 – Hawthorn, Ash
The wild geranium called Herb Robert was named after Robin Goodfellow, the woodland sprite, also known as Puck

4 – Hawthorn, Ash, Hornbeam
The Elderberry blooms

5 – Hawthorn, Ash, Hornbeam
Celtic goddess Domna celebrated
World Environment Day

6 – Hawthorn, Hornbeam
Walk in the woods

7 – Hawthorn, Hornbeam
Greet the morning sun

8 – Hawthorn, Hornbeam
Weather prophecy day – if it rains on this day there will be a wet harvest (England)

9 – Hawthorn, Hornbeam
Best time for blueberries, cherries and rhubarb

10 – Hornbeam, Oak
Celtic tree month of Oak begins

11 – Hornbeam, Oak
By the old calendar this was Summer Solstice, and was long celebrated with garlands of flowers decorating homes and barns.

12 – Hornbeam, Oak
Zeus celebrated

13 – Hornbeam, Oak
Athena celebrated

14 – Oak
Runic half month of Dag begins

15 – Oak
Father’s Day (USA)
Vestalia – A Roman festival honoring Vesta

16 – Oak
Walk barefoot in the grass

17 – Oak
Eurydicea – Greek feast honoring the marriage of Eurydice and Orpheus

18 – Oak
Full Moon – Moon of Life
Celebrate the first fruits of the season

19 – Oak
Make a wish to Hera

20 – Oak, Elder, Heather, Holly, Linden, Mistletoe, Myrtle
Alban Hefin/Litha/Summer Solstice

21 – Oak
Day of Cerridwen
Sun enters Cancer

22 – Oak
Bid farewell to Lugh

23 – Oak, Birch
Remember Cu Chulainn

24 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Find the silver branch
First appearance of Our lady of Medjugorje (Yugoslavia, 1981)

25 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Celebration of Arianrhod

26 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Dreaming about strawberries is a sign of sweet things to come

27 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Egyptian season of Akhet/Inundation begins

28 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
End of the Runic year

29 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Runic half month of Feoh begins and starts a new Runic year

30 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Hestia and Demeter celebrated

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