July Esbat Information

As sunlight slants across fields of golden grain, we do rituals in the sultry heat of high summer to celebrate sacred fire. Fire has great powers of destruction, but it also has powers of healing and transformation.

Moon of Fire
Shimmering waves of heat rise skyward during the day, and night does not always bring cooling relief. The Moon of Fire reminds us that her brother, Sun, is at his peak. Bask in the heat of this season and think of the sacred flame that burns within us all.
Other names for this moon: Blessing Moon, Wort (Herb) Moon, Thunder Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
July 1 – 7: Oak
Associated with the power of vision, self-confidence.

July 8 – 31: Holly
Associated with hearth and home; along with oak, holly was one of the trees favored by the Druids for their sacred groves.

Other Information
Herbs: Honeysuckle, Agrimony, Lemon Verbena, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm & Hyssop.
Colours: Silver & Bluey Grey.
Flowers: Iris, Geranium, Mallow & Jasmine.
Perfumes: Orris & Frankincense.
Crystals: Moonstone & White Agate.
Trees: Ash
Animals: Crab
Birds: Starling.
Deities: Athene, Juno, Hel, Holda, Cerridwen, Nephthys & Venus.


1 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Day dedicated to Blodeuwedd

2 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Honor mother goddesses in this time of ripening

3 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
3rd to August 15th, dog star Sirius is visible (dog days of summer)

4 – Oak, Apple/Crabapple
Night of Bale Fires on the eve of Midsummer by the old calendar (Scotland)

5 – Oak, Fir
Old Midsummer’s Day

6 – Oak, Fir
Birthday of the 14th Dalai Lama

7 – Oak, Fir
Honor horned gods and goddesses

8 – Fir, Holly
Celtic tree month of Holly begins

9 – Fir, Holly
Birth of Dionysos/Bacchus

10 – Fir, Holly
Epona honored

11 – Fir, Holly
Kronia – Greek festival celebrating Kronos and Rhea

12 – Fir, Holly
Cut herbs for freezing and drying

13 – Fir, Holly
Birth of Osiris

14 – Fir, Holly
Dark Moon
Runic half month of Ur begins
14th to August 19th Delta Aquarid meteor showers

15 – Holly, Elm
Weather prophecy day – rain on this day was believed to bring a good apple harvest

16 – Holly, Elm
Birth of Seth

17 – Holly, Elm
Birth of Isis

18 – Holly, Elm
Full Moon – Moon of Fire

19 – Holly, Elm
Hathor, Ra, Nut celebrated

20 – Holly, Elm
Binding of the Wreaths – Lithuanian celebration of lover
Old Norse mid-summer

21 – Holly, Elm
Pick tomatoes

22 – Holly, Elm
Feast of Mary Magdalene. A lot of rain at this time is not good for crops thus the saying: “A Magdalene flood, never did good.” – old English saying

23 – Holly, Elm
Sun enters Leo

24 – Holly, Elm
Walk on the shore and make an offering to the waters

25 – Holly, Elm
Sea blessing ceremonies were performed on this day, the beginning of oystering season (England)

26 – Holly, Cypress
Feast of St. Anne (Christian from the Pagan Áine)

27 – Holly, Cypress
Travel to other worlds

28 – Holly, Cypress
Domhnach Chrom Dubh/John Barleycorn – corn god sacrificed at grain harvest

29 – Holly, Cypress
Runic half month of Thorn begins
to August 17th Perseid meteor showers

30 – Holly, Cypress
Listen to the crickets; what do they tell you?

31 – Holly, Cypress
Birth of Nephyths

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