Imbolic Ritual

Everything you normally use and feasting things. Plus: cup of ice or snow, hot water, 3 orange candles, 9 white tea lights or small candles and small yellow tea light.

Calling Everyone together: light corresponding candles when read.

Energies of the East
Wind of enlightenment, and inspiration
Lend your powers to my circle this night,
That my mind may open to new ideas

Energies of the South
Fire of passion and transformation
Lend your powers to my circle this night
That my love may sustain the land

Energies of the West
Water of life and purification
Lend your powers to my circle this night
That my heart may be strong and whole

Energies of the North
Earth from the beginning of time
Lend your powers to my circle this night
That I may take my place in the endless chain of life

Goddess of rebirth
You again bring forth the God and the promise of spring
Be with me this night
As we celebrate the young God
and the growing light

God of love, and protection
You again lead the ever-changing dance of life
Be with us this night
As we celebrate the rising of the Mother
And the fertility of the Earth

We stand between worlds
Where Earth and Sky
Night and day
Life and death are one
The circle is cast
The ritual begun
The Goddess and God stand together once more
May we feel their presence in our hearts and minds
As easily as we see them in the wider world
You are Goddess
You are God
You are the blanket of winter
and the first breath of spring
Be with us, within us
Bless, and be blessed
The light grows strong once more in the land
Under the snow, the pulse of life quickens
Feel the Earth beneath you, the heartbeat of the waking Mother
May we share in the great cycle of rebirth
And blossom with new life and creativity

Call Brigit
Amid the darkness the Lady is stirring,
Gently awakening from frozen dreams,
All the world has awaited this moment
The return of the Maiden,
And Her promise of oncoming Spring.

Brigit, wise one, I call to you.
Lady Smithy, I invite you here.
Triple Goddess, I ask your presence.
Please be with me tonight

(small yellow candle)

I welcome you, Brigit, on Candlemas,
And ask for your blessing as the old comes to pass
O Mother of Poetry, teach me your art,
That your inspiration many enter my heart.
O Mistress of Magic that stands by the fire,
And shapes the bright to the form you desire;
O Mother of Smithcraft, please teach me your art,
That the power of changing may enter my heart.
You kindle the springtime to quicken the earth,
From under your mantle the old has new birth.
O Mother of Healing, please teach me your art,
That peace and contentment may enter me heart.

(adapted from Brigit’s House and Riders of the Crystal Wind Book of Shadows)

The wheel once again turns and the days grow longer as the land once again comes to life. The sun grows brighter, chasing away the darkness and coldness of winter. We welcome Brigit back with her sacred flame. I also recognize the growing God who is showing himself once more.

History of Imbolic (found here)


This is Imbolic, when the ice begins to melt, the earth begins to soften, and the seed begins to stir in the darkness. Let the small seeds of peace also stir within the hearts of those who have been locked in the ice of fear, anger, and hatred. As the heat of the sun strengthens and warms the earth, so may the heat of love and compassion strengthen the will and spirits of all of us who strive for peace. I will strive to soften my impatience, so that my compassion can break free and thrive. Peace is a harvest worthy of my patience. I cannot hasten the growth of the crop by tugging on the new shoots. But I can prepare the soil where the seeds of peace may grow. I can allow love to burn so brightly within me that I glow with the force of it, and allow it to shine so that the fear and anger held within the hearts of others begins to soften and melt. Peace is not an outward ideal, but an inner truth that lies deep within each heart. May it break forth and flourish. So mote it be.

Annoint and bless the three candles in Brigit’s name.

Brigit they name me,
and three gifts of fire I bring:
first, the flame of inspiration,
frenzy of poet and anguish of artist,
and passion of lover for union with the beloved; (light one of the candles)
second, the fierce fire of smith-craft,
through whose testing all must pass; (light second candle)
and third, the most precious of all,
which eases the second’s pain,
the undying warmth of healing,
the last and greatest gift
of the ever-returning Sun. (light third candle)

Healing Spell
Place the hot water in the cauldron and bless it as Brigit’s healing spring water. Take an ice cube (or fresh snow!) and imagine the sickness of the person that you are healing flowing into the ice/snow and away from the person.

Snowball you now contain
(person being healed)’s illness and pain
In Brigit’s spring you melt away
Sickness is gone
It cannot stay!

Now place the ice/snow in the hot water and visualize the meaning.

Infuse the 9 white candles with your goals for the coming year. Arrange candles in a circle. Light one after reading each verse of the following poem.

Mighty Brigit, goddess of the forge, flying sparks and light,
Mistress who commands the strength
of fire and healing sight.
Patroness of poets, healers, and smiths,
Bring thy blessings and gifts.
Holder who balances the delicate forces
of fire’s birth and death.
Transformation come,
inspiration flow,
Brigit bless all you know.
Element of fire, may you with Brigit’s sacred light always warmly glow.
Priestess of fire and light, open up the forge and let creativity flow.
Visions of magic, muse to bards,
Let the winds of
imagination blow.
Brigit dance in my life and dreams,
The ancient truths reveal.
Share your fires of healing and vibrant health,
And keep my spirit well.
Protectress of mothers and children be,
Always watch over me.
May your fires burn bright in my heart,
And bless each project that I start.
Deep in the earth your wells of inspiration
flow abundant and free.
Come share your overflowing bounty with others and with me.
Mighty Brigit, this I know.
Where your magic is,
So do the wise go.
May I be among your blessed,
Fill my heart and spirit
with all that is best. (By Abby Willowroot)

Take time to meditate and visualize your goals coming to fruition. Also note the transformation of snow/ice to water as the wheel changes.

Raise energy
I welcome to earth the increasing light
The lengthening day and shortening night
I celebrate the Goddess fresh and young
I celebrate the God the growing Sun
The land shall soon begin to arise
Sleeping life will open its eyes
I offer my thanks as I light this flame
As the Wheel brings forth life again
With thanks to the Goddess the Lord awakes
Thanks to the Goddess and all she creates x 3

Feasting ect.

Goddess of abundance
Bless these gifts as you bless us all
Help us to see the Divine in all we share

God of the harvest
Bless these gifts as you bless us all
Help us to see the Divine in all we share

Offering Blessing
Brigit I ask you to bestow your blessings upon this milk and cheese for it is the flow of milk from the ewe that heralds the return of the life-giving forces of spring. In the name of Brigit, I bless this drink and food.

Suggested food: poppy seed muffins, chives, onion, potatoe soup (my favorite!), seeds of any kind, bread, milk, cheese, tea with honey. Make sure to leave an offering.


Night gives way before the growing God
We feel the power alive in the world
The Goddess walks the Earth again
And sings us awake with wind and rain
The promise of life is newly made
Our winter’s debt to darkness paid
Blessed be!

Opening the Circle

Goddess of the brightening day
We thank you for your presence in our circle,
And ask you to be near us,
While we are apart;
Let your warmth revive us
Your love support us
And your passion inspire us all

God of the growing and wild things
We thank you for your presence in our circle,
And ask you to be near us,
While we are apart;
Let your warmth revive us
Your love support us
And your passion inspire us all

Also thank you Brigit for being here with me on this holy night.

Guardians (spirits, etc…) of the East, South, West, and North
Thank you for your presence and strength
Both here, tonight, and in my daily life
May we live in peace, with you and each other, always
Blessed be!

The circle is open,
but yet unbroken
May the love of the Goddess
be ever in your heart
Merry meet, and merry part
and merry meet again.