December Esbat Information

As the year draws to a close and holiday preparations become a frenzied blur, pause in the moonlight and step out of that frazzled mindset to take a look at your life. Note whether or not you have moved toward your personal and spiritual goals. It is not so important that you have reached these goals as long as you are working in the direction you want to go. Know that you cannot change what has passed but you can chart your course for what is to be.

Moon of Completion
Moonlight glitters on the frosty earth. Time seems frozen, but the night air tingles with energy. This is the Moon of Completion. We have come full circle through the twelve months. As the Wheel of the Year makes its final turn and begins a new cycle, we pause to reflect on the path that brought us here and where it may lead us in the year to come.
Other names for this moon: Oak Moon (if it falls before the Winter Solstice), Cold Moon, Snow Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
December 1 – 22: Elder
Associated with prophecy and seeing beyond what is on the surface.

December 24 – 31: Birch
Associated with new beginnings, changes, and quiet determination.

December 23 is the proverbial day in the “year and a day” and does not have a tree associated with it.

Other Information
December is the time of Spiritual Paths. The Earth tides are turning and it is time to reach out to friends and family, the lonely, and the needy. This is the month of death and renewal. Spells should should be aimed at endurance and provision.

Herbs: Holly, English Ivy, Fir, Winter Jasmin & Mistletoe.
Colours: Blood Red, White, Silver & Green
Flowers: Mahonia, Holly & Poinsetta.
Perfumes: Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Myrrh & Lilac.
Crystals: Serpentine & Peridot.
Trees: Pine.
Animals: Deer.
Birds: Robin.
Deities: Hathor, Hecate, Neith, Athene, Minerva & Osiris.


1 – Ash, Elder
Day of divination for young women to discover who they will marry

2 – Elder, Hornbeam
Arianrhod celebrated

3 – Elder, Hornbeam
Bona Dea – Roman women’s rituals held in the Temple of Vesta

4 – Elder, Hornbeam
Holle waits

5 – Elder, Hornbeam
Poseidon celebrated

6 – Elder, Hornbeam
St. Nicholas Day (Central Europe)

7 – Elder, Hornbeam
7th to 14th Geminid meteor showers

8 – Elder, Hornbeam
A time of heavy frosts

9 – Elder, Hornbeam
Dark Moon

10 – Elder, Hornbeam
Lux Mundi – Roman celebration, Light of the World Feast

11 – Elder, Hornbeam
Best time for clementines, star fruit and winter squash

12 – Elder
Full Moon – Moon of Completion
First appearance of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in 1531 at the former shrine of an Aztec moon goddess.

13 – Elder
Runic half month of Jera begins
Festival of Lights in Sweden

14 – Elder
Bare tree branches stretch toward Luna’s silvery glow

15 – Elder
Place holly on your altar

16 – Elder, Heather
Sophia celebrated

17 – Elder, Ivy, Holly
17th to 24th Ursid meteor showers

18 – Elder
18th to 22nd, celebration of light and the birth of the god Diev (Latvia)

19 – Elder
Darkness renews

20 – Elder, Yew
Dreams on this night were believed to reveal the future (Norse)

21 – Elder, Chestnut, Elm, Fir, Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe, Oak, Palm, Yew
Alban Arthan/Yule/Winter Solstice – Yule Ritual

22 – Elder, Beech, Fir
Old European festival of evergreen trees
Sun enters Capricorn

23 – Mistletoe, Apple/Crabapple
The Nameless Day

24 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
Celtic tree month of Birch begins

25 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
Birth of Mithra, Jesus and Ra

26 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
First day of Yuletide (ends January 6th)

27 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
Birth of Freya

28 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
Runic half month of Eoh begins

29 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
Artemis celebrated

30 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
Look ahead

31 – Birch, Apple/Crabapple
New Year’s Eve

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