Sacred Well Day and a Water Ritual

Sacred Well Day. On this day, it is traditional for Pagans and Witches (especially in Ireland and Great Britain) to decorate sacred wells with wreaths and to toss offerings of flowers into the water in honor of the deities and spirits of the well. This custom dates back to the ancient Romans, who celebrated an annual well festival called the Fortinalia, which took place on this day.

Well Water Ritual

cauldron or chalice
well water (if you’re lucky enough to have some!) or some pure mineral water
fresh cut flowers
blue tea candle
seashore smelling insence
bath with herbs (use anything with Lavander ha even Herbs de Provence!)
enough candles to illuminate the bathroom

Gather eveything together. Run a nice hot bath, put in herbs, put in sea salt, light insence and light all the candles save the blue one. Make sacred space, call quaters yada yada. Now put the flowers, mineral water, cup or small cauldron, and blue candle on the edge of the tub. Ground and center.

Oh great Goddess Morrigon than you for your clarity and spirit through this water. I offer to you this water from Mother Earth with only joy in my heart.

Pour the water into the cauldron or cup and light the blue candle.

Oh Patroness of witches Morrigon I light this flame to honor you on this day and to give thansgiving for your ever flowing waters.

Take flowers and put them in the cauldron so they float on the top. Visualize white energy flowing from everything in the room. Visualize an old well in the forrest and you are now tossing in the flowers to offer thanks and good luck for the year to come.

Oh Goddess here are flora in your sacred water to honor you. Thank you!

Sit in the tub light more insence as it runs out, stay in the bath until the candle burns itself out (tealights are great!). Meditate on the waters of life while in the tub. Then say goodbye to the elements, and the gods and take down your circle!

Short and sweet plus a delightful bath!