Prayer: Goals

My Goddess;
Maiden, Mother and Crone,
My God of death and rebirth,
I am here to thank you for this day.
Good or bad,
Happy or sad,
Its the only one I’m gonna get,
And I am grateful for it.
I am thankful for the experiences that I will [have] have [had],
And I can only pray that I have learned something from every one of them.
I pray that every day,
I am able to make someone else’s day brighter,
And I pray that everyday I am able to find time for myself,
To do something that I really want to do.
I pray that I have the wisdom
To know which battles to fight,
And that I am able to set realistic goals for myself.
For all these things I pray,
And thank you gratefully.
Prayer for the end of the week
As I sit here and try to let go of this day, this week,
And try to hold on to the good things that happened,
And let the bad ones float away,
I thank the Lord and Lady that this week has come to a close.
I pray that over this coming weekend, I will have time to do things that make me happy,
And time to focus on myself, and divinity.
With thanks and blessings,
So mote it be!