Prayer for Change

Like a snake,
I’m shedding my skin,
I’m taking a deep breath,
I’m opening my eyes, mind, heart and soul up
To the wide, wide world around me.
I feel cleansed and renewed
By the gentle, peaceful energies
That I now choose to surround myself with.
I am also opening up
To that which permeates all else.
I now turn inward, to the spiritual. Lord and Lady, thank you for being a part
Of these changes that are occurring
Within and without.
Though change often comes with the price of pain,
I truly feel that after this,
I will shed that which was old, outworn, even harmful,
Like dead skin,
And it will be replaced by peace and harmony.
I already see the seeds of the next cycle within me,
Perhaps already starting to grow,
And I am very thankful for this.


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