Lychnomancy & Lithomancy

Set up 3 candles in a triangle, preferably in 3 identical candle holders. This should be done in a room with its doors and windows closed and no draughts to affect the burning flames. Turn off all other lights in the room and light the candles with the same match. Clues to the future can be read in the behavior of the flames.

If one candle seems to burn more brightly than the other two it means success and good fortune for you.
If the end of any of the three wicks displays a brightly shining point it is a lucky omen.
If a flame moves from side to side it indicates that you will soon travel.
If there are sparks rising from a candle you will need to be cautious.
If the flame of one of the candles seems to twist and spiral it means that your enemies are plotting against you.
If a flames rises and falls it suggests there is approaching danger.
If one of the candles is extinguished suddenly and without good reason it is a prediction of disaster.

Scatter a few precious or semi-precious stones on a flat surface – they must be a variety of colors. Light a candle and set it up in the middle of them. Turn off all other lights to aid your concentration and close your eyes. When you open them, note the color of the first stone which catches your eye by reflecting the candle light towards you.

Blue – good luck
Colorless – happiness and success
Green – a wish granted
Red – romance
Claret – marriage
Turquoise – opportunity Yellow – unfaithfulness
Grey – sadness
Violet – grief
Purple – quarrel
Black – bad luck