Home remidies

Note: These remedies are not to be used in place of an actual physician’s care. Always consult with your doctor for serious ailments .

1. Make a face mask of dry oatmeal and honey (it must be unpasturized honey), apply to face and leave on for 15-20 min. Rinse thouroughly. Use about once a week. Good for combination to oily skin.
2. Boil water and steep a chamomile tea bag. Allow the water to cool. Rinse face with cooled tea. Repeat daily.

BLADDER INFECTION: Boil an entire bunch of fresh parsley in one litre of water. Cool and drink throughout the day.

BUG BITES & STINGS: Make a paste of vinegar and corn starch. Apply to bite and let dry. This draws poison and reduces swelling. (tip:remove stingers by dragging a credit card over the area. Pulling the stinger out with tweezers releases the remaining poison into the body).

BURNS: (RAZOR BURN): Pat affected area with apple cider vinegar.
(SUN BURN): Good old plain aloe vera will help the healing and have cooling sensation.

DIAPER RASH: Make a paste of dissolved Acidopholus pills and water. Apply paste to baby’s bottom, dust with cornstarch and apply fresh diaper. Repeat until the rash dissappears (1-3 days). * Acidopholus is the active bacteria found in yogurt and can be found in most grocery stores and any health store. Store it in your fridge to ensure that the cultures remain effective after opening. I swear by this remedy!!

DIARRHEA: Taking Acidopholus pills helps to restore the “friendly” bacteria found in your intestinal tract, which can be low during bouts of diarrhea.

EAR: (CARE): use a dropper to put 2-3 drops of olive oil in your ear, the oil will soften excess ear wax and should work it’s way out within aprox 24 hours.
(SWIMMER’S EAR): Place 2-3 drops of white vinegar in the affected ear once a day until cleared up.

HAIR CARE: Rinse hair with flat beer, this strips excess buildup and leaves hair shiny and soft. Be sure to rinse thouroughly with water afterwards.

MENSTRUATION: Taking Evening Primrose Oil daily can help alleviate many menstrual symptoms including cramps, mood swings and soreness.

NAUSEA: Slice fresh ginger root into a mug and fill mug with boiling water. Allow to steep for few minutes and drink when cool enough to do so.

PICA: This is a condition that affects some pregnant women. It can be recognized by urges to eat ice, clay or dirt. This is your bodies way of letting you know that you need to up your mineral intake (usually iron). Discuss this with your doctor who can recommend the appropriate amount of iron for you to take during your pregnancy.

TEETH: If you are out and unable to brush your teeth, eat a small piece of cheddar cheese. This neutralizes the natural acids in your mouth which can lead to tooth decay.

YEAST INFECTIONS: To avoid getting these, take acidopholus pills daily. Once you have one, you can gain some relief by applying yogurt with active bacteria cultures to the area as often as you wish.

MISC: Unpasturized honey has great antibiotic qualities when applied to affected area (such as bug stings and acne) but be warned that you should never give a baby unpasturized honey as it can cause infant botchulism which is a serious and sometimes fatal condition.

Acidopholus pills can be helpful if taken while travelling if you are sensitve to foreign water. It aids the natural bacteria in your intestines, lessening the chance of diarrhea.

The following was sent to me by a young lady and her family in South Africa, thank you so much, it is appreciated!!

For Colds and flu:

1 tsp garlic a day, followed by a healthy sprig of fresh parsley (to nuetralise the garlic smell) it also keeps mosquitos and ticks away. (Mind you if you don’t follow up with oral care it would probably keep everyone away.

1tsp honey, 2tsp lemon, 1tot brandy, warm and drink (as quickly as possible) preferably take at night before bedtime, it helps with fevers as well. Obviously not recommended for children. You can also use the above as a sore throat reliever, just don’t add the brandy.

For headaches and calm:

1 sprip fresh lavendar with camomile tea, allow to draw for a little bit, and drink as normal.

A cup of coffee (ground) is excellent for Asthma and respiratory problems.

Liquorice (not the sweet but the genuine article) is excellent for respiratory ailments and for skin ailments. However, consult a physician as this plant should not be taken excessively.

We also use lavendar under the pillows of small children and babies with a quartz or rose quartz crystal in a little bag to aid their sleep.

The easiest way to treat and prevent thrush is to eat a yoghurt every day. They must have the live bacteria in them as this is what goes to work to combat thrush. Especially for pregnant mommies, as this is far safer then any medication and is very good for baby also.

For babies tongue thrush, apply pure glycerine to the dummy, this will get rid of it.

For the treatment of hemmaroids (don’t know how to spell it properly) use eucalyptus balm, or cheat and use Vicks or Camphor cream. They are great anti inflammatories and really work. (Please do not wear your Victoria Secret underwear as the balm does stain!)

I hope some of these are useful, I have so many, but I am sure that you are probably familiar with all of them. These ones however, I can vouch for as they are old favourites and absolutely work.