Divination with a deck of normal cards

Aces- Happiness, love, friendship
King- a fair-haired man, affectionate and generous but impetuous
Queen- a fair-haired woman, trustworthy Jack- a fair-haired young person, a good friend
10- good fortune, happiness
9- the “wish” card; desires come true
8- invitations, but also partings
7- someone is unreliable
6- unexpected good fortune; generosity
5- jealousy, indecision
4- changes, possibly travel or postponements
3- need for caution
2- success, friendship

Ace- conflicts, a difficult love affair
King- dark-haired man, ambitious, usually successful
Queen- dark-haired woman, can be seductive or unscrupulous
Jack- dark-haired young person, a well-meaning person
10- worry
9- bad luck, can mean delays or quarrels
8- disappointments and opposition
7- a warning against possible loss of friendship
6- an improvement in the person’s life
5- anxiety, setbacks, interferences
4- jealousy, business troubles
3- partings, possible due to faithlessness
2- scandal, gossip, danger of deceit

Ace- a money, ring
King- fair-haired man, stubborn and powerful
Queen- fair-haired woman, flirtatious, sophisticated, witty
Jack- a relative, someone not quite reliable
10- journey, changes, usually bringing wealth
9- opportunities and surprises, usually financial
8- late marriage or new relationship; unexpected money
7- a gift
6- a reconciliation; a warning against a possible second marriage
5- successful meetings, particularly in business
4- an inheritance, a change for the better
3- legal or domestic battles
2- a love affair becomes more important than hitherto

Ace- Harmony, property, achievements, love
King- a dark-haired man, honest, open
Queen- a dark-haired woman, string-minded, helpful, attractive
Jack- a reliable friend
10- money from an unexpected source, good luck or gift
9- a new romance
8- opposition, danger or recklessness
7- prosperity, though a danger of romantic interference
6- business success
5- help from a friend or spouse
4- bad changes or alliance
3- good marriage or alliance
2- disappointment and opposition

1. fair or grey-haired man over 40: King of Diamonds
2. fair or grey haired woman over 40: Queen of Diamonds
3. fair-haired young man: King of Hearts
4. fair-haired young woman: Queen of Hearts
5. dark-haired man over 40: King of Spades
6. dark-haired woman over 40: Queen of Spades
7. dark-haired young man: King of Clubs
8. dark-haired young woman: Queen of Clubs



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