Making Holy Water

The Preparation Of Holy Water

The Altar should be provided with:
a lighted candle (white)(for fire)
a rose (also white)(for air)
a cup of rain water (this will become the holy water)
a plate of salt (for earth)
Incense and burner: (the incense should be frankincense or sandalwood, not a fruit or mix)(let it burn for a while before starting the ceremony so you have a supply of ash)(for spirit.)

Face towards the North, standing to the South of the altar.

Extend the right hand, palm downwards, over the salt, and repeat the following prayer:
May Wisdom abide in this salt and may it preserve my mind and body from all corruption.
May all phantoms depart from it so that it may become a heavenly salt,
salt of Earth and Earth of salt.
May it feed the threshing ox and strengthen my hope with the horns of the Winged Bull!
So mote it be.

Extend your hand over the ash, palm downwards as before and say:
May this ash return unto the fount of Living Water;
may it become a fertile Earth;
may it bring forth the Tree of Life.

Moving to the eastern side of the altar but facing towards the West, add the salt and the ash to the water in the cup and recite:
In the salt of eternal wisdom
Mother be Thou Adored,
in the water of preparation
Mother be Thou Adored,
in the ash whence the new Earth springeth
Mother be Thou Adored,
be all things accomplished unto the age of Ages.
So mote it be!

Notes: This is a good first ritual because it requires no special ritual items and in fact Holy Water is necessary to consecrate the dagger, pentacle, chalice and wand, so of necessity must come first. I have also found it safe to perform this ritual with no special wards or invocations.



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  1. I’ve read spells that require holy water and thought it odd they might need something so Catholic. I came across Making Holy Water by accident, but I’m glad I found it! Now I can see you don’t need to be Catholic to have holy water!

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