An elemental:
Is normally invisible to the untrained eye
Has some sort of thinking process attributed to it
Is considered a spirit that represents an element
Does not normally belong to the human plane of existence
Is comprised entirely of the element it represents

Elementals are seen many different ways — they will not look the same to everyone. Some may see the elementals as vapor colored to represent the element (ex: a yellow-iridescent vapor representing the element air.) Others see them as having some sort of human-like appearance, but not quite. Some people do not see them, but feel them as waves of energy.
When you see an elemental, you must be very quick. Often elementals are just barely caught in a glance. Remember, in the Craft things differ from person to person. What I see you may see differently. What is right for me may be completly wrong for you.There is an arguement about the thinking process of the elemental.
Most working Witches feel that they have more of an animal mentality — meaning that they are not mean nor good, nor could they plot a fantastic, page-turning novel. At least, not on their own. However, this does no imply that they are powerless — far from it. Elementals are attributed to an element and therefore a direction.

In the witches’ view of the universe, all things are made up of four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. All animals, plants, stones, emotions, inanimate objects, and energies are combinations of these elements..as, of course, are we.

Everything has its own unique blend of the four elements in it: everything that has substance has earth in it; everything that has energy in it has fire; everything that flows and/or has feelings has water; and everything that involves sound, thinking, or communication has air in it. We call upon the elements when we do magic, offer healing, undertake a project, cook a meal…anything where we would like to have the elements come together in perfect balance for a specified purpose.

This isn’t praying so much as inviting the energies of the elements to come into our space and offer their own unique gifts to the project we are working on. Many people work with “elementals.” These are creatures whose being is totally of one element. They embody that element and can help or hinder us as we work with it. Generally, they like people who embody the best features of their element, and can make trouble for those who feel uncomfortable with it…but it is possible to befriend all of them. Most of us have more of one element than the others in our makeup…or perhaps have one or two that are lacking in comparison.

One way to get an impression about this is to have your birth chart drawn by an astrologer and count how many planets you have in each element. Another is to read about the elements and their correspondences and see which ones you are most comfortable with. Most people start out by establishing working relationships with the elements they resonate with easily, and then work toward those which are more elusive for them. To be most successful as a magician, and to have a well balanced personality and energy system, one should try for reasonable balance between all four, but there will always be some you’ll find easier to work with.

In these pages, I offer information about the correspondences of the elements. I also offer a number of suggestions for short meditative or experiential activities that can help you get in touch with the feel/energy/meaning of each of the elements. I suggest the types of things that would honor each element on an altar, and ways that one might try to befriend the elementals. Goddess knows I’m still working on all of this myself, (especially with Fire) so if you have any suggestions for something I haven’t mentioned, please let me know.

Please note that while things like herbs and stones are primarily of Earth and music is primarily of Air, etc, different representatives of each of these groups will have more energy of one element or another than the others might. This is how we can say that light and leafy herbs, or those with penetrating, clear scents might be of Air, and those that are hot and spicy might be of Fire, even as we acknowledge that all herbs are Earthy beings.

Similarly, candles are magical tools of Fire….but we can light candles of various colours or scents to honour the other elements. If you live in the country and can spend time with some of the other animal friends mentioned, please enrich your experience by doing so. Watch them, talk to them in non-threatening ways. (note…I’ve learned that birds really don’t like to be smiled at…they don’t seem to realise that this way of showing teeth is meant to be friendly)

Offer or leave food, healing energy, or anything else you are inspired to give. Observe their behaviour and learn from it. You can have learning experiences no less profound, even if you can’t physically change into animals, if you open yourself to thinking like them. Of course, please remember that wild animals are wild and may hurt you if you look like food or if they are cornered or threatened.

One final note…I offer many classical correspondences and some that are relevant for me. As you become familiar with the energies involved, you may find other correspondences make more sense to you. Just as it makes sense to celebrate the Sabbats according to the actual season in the southern hemisphere, so it makes sense to place Earth nearest your polar ice cap and Fire where you see the tropics.

Elementals range in size from smaller than an electron to vaster than galactic space. Like the angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size and increase their size as they evolve. The elementals serving on planet Earth materialize whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the remanifestation of “heaven on Earth.” They take their orders from the devas. They do not remain individualized as humans are. These beings are animated by the thought power of the lower angels and so are thought forms of sorts. They may be etheric thoughts forms, yet they have etheric flesh, blood, and bones. They live, propagate off spring, eat, talk, act, and sleep. They cannot be destroyed be frosser material elements such as fire, air, earth, and water because they are etheric in nature. they are not immortal. When their work is finished they are absorbed back into the ocean of spirit. They do live a very long time–300 to 1,000 years. They have the power to change their size and appearance almost at will. They cannot, however, change elements.

Elementals are the creators of form, or the “form builders.”As an example, consider the process that occurs when a seed sprouts, grows and becomes a Ponderosa Pine tree. Consider the difference in appearance between a small seed from a pine cone, and the end result of that seed – a towering adult tree. The elementals are the intelligent sparks of consciousness who worked with the energy of the seed, eventually forming it into a tree. All living things take their form through the activities of an elemental, and not all elementals are part of the plant kingdom. A deva is an intelligent energy that works in conjunction with the elementals, but more in a overseeing capacity. The devas do not create form, but are responsible for the activities of the form builders. Where an elemental may have responsibility over a pine seed, the overseeing deva may have responsibility for the entire Pine forest. With this understanding, we can see the great ability and knowledge that nature spirits possess of their given environment. We also know that they can literally “build into” that environment certain elements or qualities.

When working with elementals it is wise to cleanse your space both before and after your operation. Always thank them for attending and look for signs of imbalance in your working. I have seen many circles when the water was spilled, candles tipped, salt spilled and incense clouding the room far more rapidly than it should. These are signs that something is out of balance and you should work with that element to find the imbalance and correct it. Elementals are generally friendly, but love to play pranks, especially the Earth elementals. You may find missing objects, especially jewelry and metallic objects. They often will turn up months or even years later. Don’t let this frighten you, I have never seen any one harmed by their pranks. This is by no means an exhaustive work on the elementals. You could easily fill volumes with information that is out there. Work with them regularly and you will see dramatic results in your life.



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