Cleansing and charging stones

After having bought, found or were given a stone to be used for divination, healing, or spiritual purposes, it must be cleansed of the past ( Unless, the stone was energized by a loved one or other specific reason).

The stones used for ritual, healing, or divination, should have only your power projected into it. I cleanse my stones in warm salt water and after their spiritual cleansing I leave them in the sun to dry for a few hours (I Usually place outside in the back by the herbs until I come back from work). After they are dry, they should be placed in an intimate space to ‘soak’ up your personal energy. After cleansing this special crystal put it in the sun for a few hours as I suggested then place it in a “undie” drawer or on your person (don`t laugh, this is the most intimate area plus the material is soft on the crystal). The crystal, tucked away in your personal drawer will only absorb my energy. If I plan to use a crystal for a spell or ritual I place it in the pocket of my pants a few days before. It is important that the crystal or stones you use have only your energies. Some people do not like others touching their crystals and stones and I guess I feel the same way.