The God and the Goddess

Who is in charge here
The God and Goddess represent the balance of the universe, the world as a whole, no one part complete without the other. They are not, however, dichotomies – they are not opposites. They can both represent all things – both life and death, for example. They are a unit, more than they are two singulars, better thought of as “God and Goddess” instead of “God” and “Goddess”.

Good and evil are generally not addressed at all, as they are human constructs: humanity hardly needs a supernatural force tempting it to evil – it creates far too much on its own. Our actions are our own responsibility.

Many Wiccans simply worship the God and Goddess. I, however, find them more conceptual than literal. Many authors, I suspect, speak of the God and Goddess to sum up the vast array of entities revered by various Wiccans and do not mean to present them as actual entities.

Faces of the God and Goddess
Some Wiccans simply call their deities God and Goddess. Others invoke specific aspects from mythology. Some honor pantheons while others dedicate themselves to only a few. There are many ways for us to understand and comprehend the Divine.

However, deities are not names to be plucked from a book. They are entities to relate to and form a relationship with. More is not always better! Seek out those attuned to you – not just those that represent what you might want today. Learn of them and the ancient rituals associated with them, if possible. Gods are not things to be taken up and discarded on a whim.