Daily Devotionals

I need structure in my life. I am bipolar, mostly on the manic side so I need a set schedule of things that I do everyday no matter what. It keeps me modivated. Plus daily devotionals aren’t designed to take up a ton of time. They tend to be quick 5 to 15 minute exercises. So this might seem crazy, but hey it’s what calls to me.

  • wake up/get up – set clock & rise to it. You have a busy day!
  • Devotion – The Four Adorations
  • Make bed
  • Breakfast
  • make calls/business
  • laundry
  • practice grounding/centering
  • snack
  • plan or do seasonal event!
  • lunch
  • chakra system/ ritual writing/gathering supplies
  • clean room
  • tea
  • something arty, reading, letter writing
  • dinner/dessert
  • shielding
  • affirmations
  • showering
  • ritual – only if I planned one
  • journaling
  • holy water self consecration
  • nightly meditation
  • to bed!
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3 thoughts on “Daily Devotionals

  1. i dont have much free time. i dont ge to do alot of the things i wish i could. like meditaton, grounding myself, rituals, laundry,
    i think it’s a brilliant idea to keep a daily planner of your activity’s
    thanks for the insparaton!

  2. I’m also bipolar. I have been keeping a list of very basic things I need to do every day, (nothing as extensive as your list, I’ve tried, but I learned it’s better to keep it simple), and I keep it in the box where I put my incense, BOS, and the like. I keep it there because the box is charged with my energy, and it has worked wonders towards helping me keep up with those few things that I need to do every day. My success rating shot through the roof!

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