Think positive! Negative only leads to negative!
Affirmations are sentences filled with a bunch of good words that say nice things about what sort of future we want to have, or what type of person we want to be. The study of psychology tells us that if we repeat words, thoughts, or visualizations (fantasy pictures in our minds) often enough, what we speak or think will manifest in the material world. In essence, thoughts are things, and you are what you think! Most magical people, past and present, will agree that when we speak out loud we are activating our chakra energy as well as sending sound vibrations into the universe to create what we desire. Scientists say we are using our right bring – a gold mine of manifestation.

Too often we pay more attention to the nasty things people say about us than the nice comments. When we do this, we are opening the door to negative programming. After a while, we just might believe that we’re a loser because someone (whom we think is important) tells us we are. Don’t you believe it! Affirmations are a positive magical defense mechanism against our worries, doubts, and the garbage other people sometimes throw at us. Deceptively simple, many people forget just how much power these affirmations have!

by Silver RavenWolf